Important: Online streaming video is for residential customers only and is not permitted for viewing in commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants or clubs. Violators will be prosecuted.



There are currently no residential packages available. If you are interested in viewing the 2014 GAA Championship, please contact the GAA directly for viewing options.


To purchase games for viewing:
1. Click on the channel you want to purchase. Channel links are displayed above.

2. For access to Individual Games, you can purchase games by clicking “buy ticket” in the player at the top of the channel for the next game or current game, or scroll down to “Upcoming Shows” to buy tickets to future events. Channels:

3. Games are available LIVE and ON DEMAND for those who purchased coverage. Live games are recorded and archived for watching at any time and for repeat views. Follow the channel links above and view the tab marked ‘VIDEOS’ on the right hand side of the channel. Scroll through the archived games to find the match you want to watch.

Quick Questions:

Q: If I already purchased an individual game ticket or season pass do I need a ticket code?
A: No. We have eliminated the issuance of ticket codes to our customers, and thus you do not need a ticket code to view an event. Ticket codes are automatically bound to your account upon purchasing access to a Pay Per-View event, and there is no need to redeem a ticket code for any PPV event.

Q: I see a spinning white wheel inside the Ustream player.
A: Try re-loading the page. If you see a spinning white wheel, please be patient and give the video more time to load. Each time you refresh the page, the video will have to load again.

Q: Can I watch a Video-On-Demand of the game I purchased?
A: Yes, VOD’s will be available for all games, but it may take up to 2 hours after a game ends for the video to be posted.

Q: I’m getting a notice that says the event is not available in my geographic region.
A: The event is only available in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. If you are are in one of these regions, please reload the page and try again.

Q: Will it cause any problems if I reload the page?
A: No, you can reload the page as many times as you want. As long as you have purchased a ticket and are logged in to your Ustream account, you should be able to view the event.

Q: I can watch the broadcast, but the stream seems choppy. What can I do?
A: Make sure that you don’t have any other browser tabs or windows open, and try not to have any other applications running on your computer.

Q: Can I watch on an iPad or other mobile device?
A: Yes, but you want to enable “desktop mode” for Ustream’s website. You can do this by going in to your Ustream settings (in the top right of the Ustream window).